The Future of WDC

There has been a bit of noise recently about the crowded conference offerings WDC is part of and if anyone is interested here are my ideas »

Speak at WDC2016!

Plans for WDC2016 are well under way and the idea is to launch the site in late April or early May. As has been the case »

Your chance to speak at WDC2015

I always get asked about speaking at WDC, normally at the after party by people who have never spoken before but would love the opportunity to »

Freelance, year 100?

It seems like I have been 'freelancing' for a while now. Bluefly Digital is coming up to having been established for 6 years and while I »

1 Domain, 1 Week

A tweet popped up in my timeline (a little while ago) with a crazy idea: New idea: create a small (maybe silly) project for EVERY ONE »

Speaking at WDC, what to expect

This is here as a reference more than a blog post and it provided to give any speaker an idea of what to expect when being »