Why I'm Alex, not Alexander

Recently Rob reverted to his full name of Robin and explained the history behind his name and why the change to Rob and then back again has occured.

Following on from this I thought I'd quickly explain why I'm Alex, not Alexander and why for me it won't change back unless I'm addressed in a legal sense.


I'm not Alexander because my parents always shortened my name to Alex. My brother is Ben, not Benjamin and my sisters are all lucky enough to have names that don't have shortened versions yet over time we have all come up with ways to shorten them.

It is also the same for my dad who is Chris not Christopher and I believe it goes on along my dad's side of the family. However on my mum's side my gran would always call me by my full name and I hated it.


When I landed in Primary school there were 2 Alexander's in the class and I'm guessing the teachers made me Alex so they could differentiate between us.

Being a naughty kid

I also associated my full name with being naughty when I was younger as it seemed every time I got told off my parents would call me Alexander

No going back now

I've been Alex for so long that I don't ever see myself being Alexander. Everything I register for that isn't legal has my name as Alex.

I think going back to Alexander just wouldn't happen. I wouldn't recognise it to hear it in conversation and would think I'm always being naughty!