Trying to get back in to my blog

It's been a fair number of years since I had an active blog and there was no focus to it as random thoughts came and went.

I ended up with a lot of draft posts that were relevant had I posted them the hour I'd written them. Unfortuantly they were never finished and coming back to them a day later meant the point I was trying to make wasn't relevant anymore.

Trying something new

I am always expanding my knowledge away from the world of WordPress (and can build sites on a number of off the shelf systems). This year I have been able to pick up PHP MVC framework CodeIgniter and go wild with some yet unreleased projects, which much like my previous blog may never get finished properly.

Earlier in the year I backed, though Kickstarter, Ghost which is said to be 'Just a blogging platform'. The idea is to hopefully add another weapon to my arsenal for clients but also be able to just write things down wherever I am and publish it there and then.

It means I have to learn 2 new things:

  1. Ghost Theming as I can't have the default theme forever.
  2. Markdown, because that's how the editor works.


As I mentioned I backed Ghost on Kickstarter earlier in the year. It's a blogging platform powered by Node.js and at the time of throwing this together is at version 0.3 has been released to backers.

Currently the install process isn't as simple as something like WordPress but thankfully some exposure to Terminal since moving to a dedicated server has helped get it running.


As a lot of you already know things like GitHub uses Markdown for README files so by learning it properly for this blog means it will help as I launch the WDC2014 Theme Project this month.

Let's see what happens

As I learn about Ghost and Markdown along with the underlying technologies such as Node.js I will hopefully blog about them here along with getting other posts published quickly.