The Future of WDC

There has been a bit of noise recently about the crowded conference offerings WDC is part of and if anyone is interested here are my ideas of where WDC is heading in the future…

Event #10

WDC2016 sees WDC reach a massive milestone, its 10th event. Since the first event in 2007 there have been a number of other conferences come and go and the entire web conference industry has exploded.

WDC somehow has kept itself going, I have always explained that the event covers its own costs and until it doesn't there will be an event in the autumn.

What to expect moving forwards

If you've been to a WDC in the past you'll normally see me bumble around the stage introducing great speakers, normally with a very quick intro and outro.


This time I'm enlisting the help of some great friends (Keir and Luke) to help welcome you to WDC in a manner fit for an event like WDC.

In future events, depending on its success this format will keep going.


I will also be sorting out exactly what you get in terms of goodies. This is based on some great feedback I've had from attendees over the past couple of years.


Workshops at WDC have been a great addition. Since 2014 they have provided a number of great introductions to some of the latest web technologies as well as valuable skills such as sketchnoting.

Looking forward these will continue to happen on the Thursday afternoon before the conference on Friday and will always be aimed so anyone can attend and learn something they want to.


I love Get Invited, it has been a real breath of fresh air for event ticketing and every time WDC comes around new features have been added that enhance the service for organiser and attendee.

New features will allow me to offer rewards and more to you if you refer people to the event. This will be introduced for this year.

I will also be keeping the current format of:

  • Super Early Birds
  • Early Birds
  • Normal Tickets
  • Student Tickets
  • Workshop Tickets

These ticket types have worked well in the run up to the event. The prices may rise in the coming years but this only reflects increasing costs in hosting and running the event.


I will continue to look for totally new speakers for events. It is a great chance for people new to speaking to get up on stage and for attendees to learn from someone new.

In the past I've been lucky enough to introduce some great people to you and want to carry on doing so.

All in all…

I'm going to keep trying to make WDC the best conference and one that is a must attend every year.