It's quiet in the house because it's just me and the cat.

My wife has been away for a week and is away for another. The main thing I've noticed, isn't the fact I can do what I want (after housework, obviously!).

Our dog is being looked after by my parents and sisters, my wife has taken the kids to see their grandparents (it's Ellie's first tour as it were) and I'm left to hold down the fort.

The thing that stands out the most is the quiet when its time for bed. I'm so used to having everyone around, the dog getting comfortable in her bed, my wife kicking me because I'm snoring and now Ellie snoring lightly, when she's sleeping.

For now the lack of comforting noise makes it very hard to sleep. I've resulted to white noise on Spotify to help me drift off to sleep and a good thunderstorm seems to be just the ticket.

I'm looking forward to the family coming back next week. For me there is a great comfort being surrounded by them, even when they're all asleep.

Only a week to go, and another blog post down!