If you hadn't noticed with all this snow it is now March and Spring is a matter of weeks away.

At the start of the year I set myself the challenge of writing a post once a week and in 8 weeks I managed 4 published posts. That isn't exactly great considering what I set out to do but it has blitzed my single published blog post of 2017.

My issue seems to be actually finishing thoughts. As this one has made it to publication I have another 5 posts in Draft, barely fleshed out, 2 of those cover side projects.

I find myself constantly trying to keep up with exactly what's going on at the moment I open Ghost and start to write. I think this is because it's what I used to try and do a few years ago when I had a little more free time to do so.

I also think I filter myself, I'm probably worried about what people will find interesting. If you do read this then I'd want you to come back obviously the next time I actually publish a post.

I'm going to keep trying to post once a week, I think I just need to get past the initial doubt when I start writing and keep going until something kind of makes sense (then my amazing wife comes along and points out all my typos and grammatical errors).