Nedora is a Druid currently stuck in Icewind Dale

Key Information:

  • Dark Elf
  • Druid
  • Very quiet and keeps himself to himself.
  • 200 years old

Passive Skills:

  • Perception - 15
  • Investigation - 14
  • Insight - 13


  • 6ft tall
  • Slim build
  • White Hair
  • Very pale (almost white) blue eyes


  • Came to Icewind Dale to escape the constant hatred shown towards him for being of Dark Elf decent.
  • Is known by tribes in the area due to him saving a young man from falling through ice. Due to his skin colour, etc rumours have spread about him doing what he did to save the man - Folk Hero
  • Caused this young man to fall through ice in first place and almost left him for dead as a casualty of 'war'