Dad to 2!

My wife gave birth to our daughter, Ellie on January 6th and three weekly later and a little sleep deprived everything is going amazingly well.

Dad to 2!

(It seems at the moment blogging once a week is tough! Lets keep going though)

As my friends and followers know by now my wife gave birth to our daughter, Ellie. Its now three weeks later and my wife and I are a little sleep deprived but everything is going amazingly well.

Our son, Ethan is 2 and he's been amazing with the arrival of his baby sister. There have been a few additional tantrums when he doesn't get his way, however, watching him comfort Ellie when she's upset is priceless.

2 kids, even with the youngest being weeks old is a balancing act, one which will only get tougher as they both get older.

Right now its being awake enough to engage with Ethan as he jumps from the bed/sofa/coffee table to the floor for the 100th time in the last 5 minutes to what I consider a very important role as Head of Winding with Ellie to make sure she settles down after a feed which doesn't always work.

For Ethan there are still times when he gets time for him, we go swimming once a week and bed time is Father and Son time with movies and cuddles.

Currently there are only 2 or 3 movies in rotation which is great for him but there are only so many times I can watch Moana, Zootropolis and Sing!

For Ellie there is something nice about cuddles in the small hours of a morning giving my wife a chance to rest.

The thing I've realised is that our son isn't that small any more!