Building up to WDC

Its that time of year where I start to panic about WDC and making sure everything goes to plan so that on the day things run smoothly.

This year however I've been lucky enough to get some help from some great people to help put on the event and this year I'm not nearly as stressed, yet.

Giving back to University

This year I was lucky to be able to be a client for a group of final year students and their main task was to produce an Event Organisers Manual and they did a sterling job.

This manual meant I had a great resource to refer to when putting together everything required for a conference.

It was also nice to get 5 pairs of fresh eyes on to WDC which has also helped shape future events (more on than to comeā€¦)

The big day

It is quickly coming around and I can't wait to see so many new people come along and take in what ever speaker has to offer.

As always I'm looking at making some big improvements on previous years and this year the big thing has been registration.


All the tickets sold this year have been through Eventbrite. This means that we don't have to go looking through pages and pages for your name on a list. It means we just need to scan the QR code on the ticket and welcome you to WDC2013.

Stage Lighting

I have also been listening, especially to Rick Nunn who had the job of taking photos last year. So this year we're getting some proper stage lighting and microphones sorted out.

This means you should easily be able to see speakers during talks and the Microphones won't cut out when people like Jack Franklin start dancing ;-)

See you there!

Feel free to say hello if you're coming down to Bristol. Do the same with the guys speaking, they aren't big or scary and are happy to answer questions or chat with you.