With New Adventures returning this January the conference season is well as truely underway. This means now is the time to start thinking if you'd like to take an opportunity to jump in a present a talk to the industry at WDC this October.

WDC2019 is taking place in early October and currently has opportunities for debut speakers to present a talk in front of 200 like-minded professionals.

There are 2 full 30-40 minute slots for talks focusing on the industry/wellbeing/etc or 3 shorter 15 minute lightning talk to share a passion of yours.

Full Talks

Each year WDC gives at least 2 people the chance to make their speaking debut. So if you have a passion for what you do in a web-related field and would like to share it with others this is a great opportunity for you!

For the chance to be considered for a full speaking slot please email speaking@webdevconf.com with the following information:

  • Email Subject: Speaking at WDC2019
  • Title of your proposed talk
  • A short overview of the talk

Lightning talks

3 slots for lightning talks are available for 2019. These 15 minute slots are designed to give you the chance to share a passion you have, it doesn't have to be a web related passion but something you think anyone would find interesting.

Sound good? All you need to do is submit a talk outline to speaking@webdevconf.com with the subject Lightning Talk WDC2019, easy.

WDC is taking place in early October 2019 (probably the 4th) so you will need to be available during this time and be able to travel to Bristol.


Whilst self promotion is allowed, it should not be the subject of the talk itself. Networking opportunities are provided during breaks and after party for you to really talk to attendees about who you are and what you do.

Try and make your talk as unique as possible. Whilst we accept some overlap in subject matter, the talk should be your own and not someone else's.

Please ensure you are free in early October to travel to Bristol for the conference.

You should be ok with what to expect from speaking at WDC.


Speakers will be chosen based on how talks fit in with the entire WDC lineup of talks and will be judged on how it fits the ethos of the conference.

I will do my best to respond to everyone who submits a talk. Anyone who submits a talk and doesn't get chosen to speak will be given a discount code for a ticket to the event.

Remember, its about getting out and doing something and most of all having fun!